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With powerhouses like the Demon and Hellcat, Chevy has been promising for years a mid engine Corvette, but have they been hiding something under that mid-engine hooplah. The answer to that is yes and no. Although the ZR1 nameplate is not something new, the power output is something new.

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So to truly understand the raw power of the Corvette ZR1, we need to know a little on the past. The first time we saw the ZR1 nameplate was in the 1970 C3 Corvette. The ZR1 was an engine option added on to the already powerful LT-1 Motor. THe package included a solid lifters, 4 speed transmission, and custom suspension. The cool thing about the ZR1s where the extremely limited production numbers, Only 53 over the 3 years.

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The next time we saw the ZR1 would be in 1990, and it was a beast! But it did come at a rather hefty cost to be a beast. The base price of the Corvette was around $36,000 ( roughly $60,000 today), and the ZR1 package was a whopping $31,258 (close to $50,000 today). But, you did get a Corvette with 375 hp and a 0-60 time in 4.4 seconds. One accolade that the ZR1 earned was in March of 1990 setting the new record for the 24-hour 5,000 mile speed record of achieving a speed greater than 175mph ( a speed it averaged for most of the race, only dropping .5 mph during one leg of the race.)

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2019 ZR1

For as long as I can remember, the Corvette has always been the go to muscle car that has not let us down since the 60’s. Although the performance was hindered in certain years, Chevy never dropped the nameplate and others have noticed. With Mopar stepping up to the plate with the Hellcat and Demon, Chevy realized that they needed to put some bigger numbers up. Now this is where the ZR1 comes onto the field, with a staggering 755hp. But how did Chevy get those numbers?

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To start, Chevy took the Z06, and added a brand new 6.2L LT5, a 2.6L supercharger which is twice the size of the Z06 and a new fuel injection system to provide more fuel. The other aspects that changed are aero and cooling aspects to the body. The 2019 ZR1 also comes with a massive rear wing, active exhaust systems, Tremac 7-speed transmission, and some fancy carbon ceramic brakes.

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