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Our modern facilities incorporate the latest equipment and Chevrolet tools and diagnostics. Every one of our technicians are Chevrolet Certified and trained on the most up to date Chevrolet technologies. We proudly and strictly use Genuine OEM Chevrolet Parts, which are engineered to fit your vehicle. And by performing routine vehicle maintenance you will prolong the life of your Chevrolet, optimize fuel economy, and potentially earn a higher resale value. In order for us to help you maintain your Chevrolet for trouble-free daily operation as well as driving pleasure for many years to come, you should familiarize yourself with the maintenance intervals and requirements.

There are a few things we will do for you just because you chose to bring your vehicle here for service.

1. We will top off the fluids in your vehicle. This includes your oil, windshield washer fluid and coolant. We will always inspect these fluids no matter why you brought your vehicle here. This will give our certified technicians a chance to look at the fluids and see how they are doing. If anything looks off, this will help us diagnose a potential problem before it becomes a serious and costly issue.

2. We will check for software updates and recalls. Both of these services must be performed by a certified GM dealership to avoid voiding a warranty. The software updates we conduct on your vehicle come directly from the manufacturer and they are designed to make your vehicle run more efficiently.

3. We will only use products that were designed for your vehicle. ACDelco is a parts manufacturer that is owned and operated by General Motors. All of these parts were built for your vehicle’s specifications. The manufacturer does extensive research and testing on the parts they produce which is something aftermarket companies can not provide. We use these parts because they are built to be the best and your vehicle will operate at peak performance using the OEM parts we provide.

Chevy Service Center

Chevrolet Oil Change

Chevy Oil Changes

Regularly scheduled oil changes are the most important maintenance item to stay on top of. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will tell you how long you should go between oil changes. While you are here for an oil change we will top off your vehicles fluids (Brake, Washer and coolant). Your vehicle will also receive a multi-point inspection by a Certified GM technician.

We will provide you with a few choices of oil that are recommended for your vehicle.

  • Mobil 1 Synthetic oil is a premium oil that works well in all GM vehicles.
  • ACDelco is an American parts brand owned by General Motors. This oil is manufactured to be used specifically on any GM vehicle (Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Pontiac and Hummer). ACDelco makes everything from conventional oil to semi-synthetic and full synthetic oil

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Chevrolet Brake Services

Chevy Brake Services

The parts we use have undergone extensive research to make them work for your vehicle. Everything from the cooling design, to thickness and cast iron specifications was studied, tested and molded to work at its peak performance with your GM vehicle.
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Chevrolet tire services

Chevy Tire Services

Having brand new tires or the correct tires for the season is only part of proper tire maintenance. Your Chevrolet needs to have proper tire balances, alignments, and tread depth to operate at the highest level. Find all the information you need on Chevrolet tire services, and make sure to check out our coupons to save on your next visit to Quirk Chevrolet of Manchester.
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Chevrolet battery Services

Chevy Battery Services

Your battery is one of the key parts of your Chevy. If the battery doesn’t work, your car will cease to function. That means. it will not start, there will be no Radio/SiriusXM/Bluetooth, the A/C will not work, and so much more. Learn more about Chevrolet batteries and proper battery maintenance today.
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Chevrolet Fluid Exchange Service near in Manchester, NH

Chevy Fluid Exchange Services

To ensure your vehicle is running properly, you should regularly check all the essential fluids that your vehicle requires to operate. There are 7 different types of fluid that are essential for your vehicle. Each one has its own function and without the manufacturer recommended amount in your vehicle, the operation may cease to function properly. Find all the information you need on fluid exchange services, and make sure to check out our service coupons to save on your next visit to Quirk Chevroletof Manchester.
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