Meet Dan Quirk


The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Dan Quirk

Learn About Dan Quirk and His Positive Attitude that Leads His Business

For over 40 years Dan Quirk has held a major role in the automotive industry, since his first acquired dealership in 1977. Proceeding his original Chevy dealership in Braintree, Massachusetts – Dan Quirk has additionally attained 12 dealerships, 2 parts warehouses and a wholesale car auction. Additional to his passion for the automotive trade, Dan Quirk has dedicated a large portion of his life to giving back to the local communities throughout the greater Boston and Manchester area. Some of Quirk’s community involvements include his part in the South Shore Hospital Presidents Circle, the remodel of the Marshfield Skatepark, and his ongoing efforts to support locally high school students with his “Tech Teams.” Check out this video interview of Dan Quirk to learn more about his business philosophy and some of the history of the Quirk auto dealerships.